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Hallo Tim,ich bin ja auch ein sehr großer Fan der technischen Themen, würde mir aber folgendes Thema unbedingt mal wünschen:Kinder und Computer bzw. Mediennutzung allgemeinWas ist sinnvoll, was ist schädlich? Gibt es dazu schon “Experten”?Das Thema müßte ja bei Dir auch bald aktuell sein.

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One for the Ages! How can you or Geoff top this one. Next year(?) Good luck at PPM or Leadville, whichever race you decide to tackle. No doubt you will give it everything you've got. Redemption at Leadville perhaps.

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I cannot tell a lie, that really helped.

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Yup Mumbai Attack is a very tragic & condemnable attacks. My deepest consolation to all the people who died and their acquaintances.Hey Maniac can we know your real name now. You’ve got that a real secret uptill now. Also aadieus to ur career. Welcome to the new community manager as well.

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Stay with this guys, you're helping a lot of people.

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This is VERY very true. I will use your wise words to inspire my brain and start talking to myself better as well as what I think of others.Hugs my dear dear friend… thank you for always being my inspiration.Claudia

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